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IENETCHAIN Intelligence Network


       The goal of IENETChain is to build a global distributed artificial intelligence crowdsouring network. Providing reliable, secure, efficient, friendly and low-cost artificial intelligence services, bringing artificial intelligence to everyone, every family and every organization through efficient reconfiguration of resources.
       Through IENETChain to share the world's innovative artificial intelligence technology, creative talents and market resources, and to encourage global SMEs and individuals to participate in the economic and ecological sharing, IENETChain enables global SMEs to obtain high-quality low-cost artificial intelligence services, so that they can Focus on core business.

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AI model + annotation two major systems to empower artificial intelligence industry ecology


Data collection system

Based on real-world application scenarios, it quickly responds to various types of data collection requirements.


Data annotation system

Data annotation is a one-stop solution for all types of text, image, audio and video annotation and processing needs.


AI model crowdsourcing network

With global experts in artificial intelligence related fields and excellent research and development resources, we provide services to customers in the industry and use blockchain technology to ensure customers.

AI data annotation crowdsourcing network

一站式的数据群智服务,可根据特定领域、特定场景的客户需求,提供定制化的数据获取与加工方案的设计与执行服务, 为客户交付标准化结构化的可用数据,数据类型涵盖文本、图像、视频、音频等。


annotation case


Annotation case - image annotation

Including image segmentation, object detection, image semantic understanding, image generation, image refilling and other services.


Annotation case - text annotation

Including sentiment analysis, knowledge base, keyword extraction, text translation, search engine optimization and so on.


Annotation case - audio annotation

Label objects, text, voices, scenes, actions, etc. that appear in the video.


Annotation case - video annotation

Identify and label the world's major languages and corpora, including dialects and special scenes.

Self-developed CML language, support user-defined requirements

Users can customize their own marking tasks according to their own needs, with low design difficulty and high ease of use.


AI data annotation crowdsourcing network


Work page

Contributor can perform data annotation on this page according to the rules of the customer-defined annotation task.


Task page

On this page, Contributor can receive data annotation tasks that match his level and ability, thus earning a lot of rewards.


Quality control page

Contributor can check on the completion quality of the data annotation and the quality of the former task will affect the following marking task


AI model group intelligence platform


Blockchain credible storage


team introduction


      We believe that teamwork is a guarantee of success, and a focused attitude makes us even better. We have a professional, dedicated and experienced team, we know the needs of our customers and our mission and value.

      We have a top-notch technical team in China. Our team members graduated from the top national universities such as the National University of Singapore, the University of Sydney, the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, and the Chinese University of Science and Technology. They are in artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and deep learning. Data processing and other aspects have an excellent educational background and rich experience in local and international practice.

      Our management team's core members have more than 10 years of industry experience, including expertise and business experience at home and abroad, familiar with the customs and business practices of different countries, our strategy, price, operating model and business decisions, always adhere to the customer guide.

      With a professional and efficient elite team, we provide our customers with the best international service, and adhere to the quality as the driving force and innovation as the concept.